Q: what is laser Light hair therapy?
A: laser Light hair therapy is a non-surgical method of using low level laser energy, or “sofá” laser Light to treta and control hair loss. The use of Light energy to treta and cure disease is relatively new compared to the use of antibiotics.
The use of low power laser energy World not have been posible without the foresight of the “father of laser biostimulation, “ profesor andre mester of Budapest, hungary.

Profesor mester began wound treatment experiments opn laboratory mice in 1964 using laser energy. He discovered thet low energy laser radiation had a stimulating effect on biological systems and that high-energy radiation had an inhibiting effect. Using a low powered (cold laser) he observerd and recorded rapad healing of wounds due to increased microcirculation of blood suplies.
He was  astonished when he also observed accelerated hair growth as well as a thickening of hair in the treated areas. This result was also confirmed in subsequent laser Light treatments of diabetes patients sufferining with sores that World not heal. Here again, marked accelerated hair growth and increased hair density was observed in treated areas.

Q: how does laser Light hair therapy work?
A: low level laser photons irradiate the entire scalp increasing microcirculation of blood supplies to the hair follicles. Pure red, “sofá” laser stimulates the scalp, significantly increasing the number of red corpuscles thet deliver life living oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb.hair follicles, which are “dormant” but not dead, can often be rehabilitated as debris is flushed from the hair shaft, swelling the cortex and closing the cuticle. Established hair becomes thicker, looks and feels softer and is easier to manage.

Salon chemical services are greatly enhanced with laser Light hair therapy.
Laser Light energy closes the cuticle, locking in anagen therapy conditioner, color molecules and essential moisture. Hair color is more vivid, resists fading and lasts loger. Hair looks shinier and split ende show remarkable improvement alter only one or two treatments. The negative effects of chemical perming are reserved with laser treatment because each strand of hair is nourished and repaired making peras look more natural and waves and curls last longer.

Q: what are the benefits of anagen laser hair therapy?
A: the anagen laser hair therapy program:

  • Increases blood supply to scalp by 54% alter only one treatment.
  • Stops the progresión of hair loss.
  • Stimulates re-growth.
  • Repairs and improves hair shaft quality.
  • Enhances lasting effects of hair color & peras by closing the cuticle.
  • Creates the healthiest environment in which hair can grow.

Q: ls laser Light hair therapy safe?
A: yes! The laser hair therapy device is a non-surgical therapeutic laser.
It is the most powerful laser approved safe for cosmetic purposes, and fully compiles with federal standards for laser safety. The laser hair therapy device has recently been approved for cosmetic use in the unites status as a certified class 3A cosmetic laser. The energy produced bye the photons does not have the termal componet necessary to cuase termal injuries to user or operators.


Q: have laser Light hair therapy benefits been scientifically measured?
A: yes! A european, double blind placebo controlled study was conducted to evaluate the effect of laser Light therapy bye comparaning it with a placebo laser.

  • All patients with the exception of one in the laser treated group showed a complete cessation of hair loss
  • All patients, except three, showed a clear re-growth of hair with a reduction of at least one category in the Hamilton classification scale.
  • Out of eighteen patients, showed an increase in hair thickness and all eighteen showed improvement in the general hair shaft quality. The results showed no improvement in the placebo group or any adverse effect of the treatment.
  • The present double-blind study confirmed bye histological examination, revealed thet regrowth of new hairs can be achieved in most middle-age and younger males with typical male pattern baldness, and women suffering with androgenetic alolpecia, when the scalp is irradiated with laser Light hair therapy for 30 minutes, twice a week for tour weeks with follow-up maintenance treatment.

Q: what are the benefits and what is the clinical premise behind the anagen therapy products?

A: recently researchers in the U.S switzerland, germany, and japan have raised concerns with some common chemical ingredients used in shampoo, suggesting they may by linked to premature hair loss. The greatest concerm seems to be to be sodium laurel sulfate (sls), sodium dodecy l sulfate ( sds), and sodium laurel ether sulfate (sles), found in aproximately 90% of all comercial shampoo. There is evidencethat these caustic chemicals actually corrode the hair follicle and impair the hairs ability to grow. sles appears to cause a dramatick decline in the hair growth cycle , prolonging the hair loss phase (narmally 3 months) by a factor of eight. Simply removing the corrosive and irritating effects of this ingredient begins to restore the healthy function of the hair follicle.

Anagen therapy shampoo, conditioner, enzyme cleaner and daily treatment formula are made form naturally occurring ingredients and manufactured without salt, alcohol, artificial colors, or detergents. These products are made using botanical oil from the rain forest and nine other all-natural plant derivatives, which help promote healthy hair and scalp and enhance the effect of laser Light therapy.

Anagen therapy chlorine-free shower head filter: chlorine attacks protein in our body and can cause adverse effects on the skin and hair. Research presented to the american chemical society suggests that tose long, hot shower we enjoy are actually a health risk. When chlorine evaporates from the water in the form of a vapor and is inhaled; the fumes provide 6 to 100 times more exposure to the chemical then World be received by drinking the water. Aside from the health risk, removing the chlorine form shower water has proven to be of extreme Benedit in creating and maintaining a healthy scalp, healthy skin and healthy hair.

The anagen laser hair therapy program is nature’s path to fuller hair, thicker hair, healthier hair and more hair for noth men and women.