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Hair Lost Facts and Solutions:
When were born we have from 120,000 to 150,000 hair follicles to protect the scalp from the hot sun and cold temperatures in the winter months.

Over Time we will experience hair loss from the following causes.

Genes are passed on from the mother that reduce size of follicles and density. (No cure)

Poor Maintenance of scalp and hair. Abuse of hair.

Changes in body chemistry, scalp disease, emotional changes in client life, chemotherapy.

• Loss of oxygenated blood to scalp
• Excessive sebum oils in scalp
• Dry scalp-dandruff scaling
• High level of "DHT" (Dihydrotestosterone Causes Hair to Miniaturize in men)
• Menopause
• Thyroid disorders
• Stress, medications, blood thinners anti-depressants, high dose vitamin A
• Traction alopecia-corn rows, braids cosmetic process-perms, bleaching

Rogaine, propicia, minixidil. (No long term effect)
Surgical: Transplants, limited results, painful, costly.
Non-Surgical: Custom hair graft
Laser Hair Therapy: Stimulates healthy hair and regrowth

Clients that are in the early stages of hair loss are recommended to start laser hair therapy as soon as possible to stop excessive hair loss and regain healthy scalp condition to promote hair quality / growth.


Low level laser therapy is a soft laser that when absorbed by cells stimulates cell metabolism to generate healthy hair follicles through increased blood supply, with a cessation of hair loss and stimulation of  hair regrowth.

Laser therapy treatment effect cell functions similar to sunlight by stimulating photosynthesis.

Laser light stimulates protein synthesis in the scalp which improves the follicule to be  fuller, thicker and healthier.

Laser light generates oxygenated blood to access the hair follicule root and also allows nutrients to enter the root system.

Laser light stimulates the natural hair growth cycle.

Client is given anagen nutritional supplement tables formulated to enhance angen, (2 tablets daily).


• Stops hair loss in 85% of patients.
• Increases blood supply to scalp by 54%.
• Repair & improves hair shaft volume by 25%.
• Increases life of hair color and permns.
• Stimulates hair growth.

24 Weeks
32 Weeks


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2803 W Butterfield Rd.
Oak Brook, IL 60523
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Non-Surgical - Custom Hair Graft
Clients that have excessive hair loss in categories G through are not candidates for laser theraphy. They would find the Non-Surgical Hair Grafth an excellent and immediate solution to restoring all thier lost hair.